The Blade: BH Craft uses the highest grade stainless and carbon steel

Each knife begins as a blank piece of steel. The pattern is designed, hand drawn and then cut out. The shape is fine tuned on a belt grinder to best suite the hand and desired application. Next the pin holes are drilled in the steel blank. The profile is now complete. The bevels are ground to near final thickness, a little extra material is left on for the heat treating portion. The blade is ground to a medium grit finish in order to eliminate any possible stress concentrations during heat treatment. The blade is then heated to the appropriate temperature and then rapidly quenched in oil. This locks the martensite structure in. The blade is now very hard but too brittle to be used, to get the blade to a working hardness it is tempered for multiple cycles in an oven. After the blade is temperated it is cleaned up and the final bevels are ground in to the end thickness and geometry.

The Handle: BH Craft uses synthetic G10 and exotic hardwoods

After the blade is finished the handle portion is layed out on the desired handle material. The profile is then cut out leaving extra material to be cleaned up later. Holes for the handle pins are then transferred through the steel blank to the wood handle scales ensuring a perfect fit. The handles are then permanently attached to the blade with a special high strength waterproof epoxy (many people use a general 5 minute epoxy which is not waterproof!) and then handle pins are driven through. The handles are clamped and allowed to set for at least 24 hours. After everything is set the excess pin material is trimmed down and the pin ends are penned out creating a mechanical lock. The handles are then shaped by hand to create a ergonomic fit and are sanded with finer and finer grits to bring out the beauty of the handle material. 

Final Steps

The final steps are what makes the knifes beauty really pop but only if all the previous steps are done correctly does this work, if any step is skipped or not done to perfection the final product will show those imperfections. The blade is finished by hand sanding in progressive grits until the desired finish is achieved. The same process is repeated on the handle making sure of all the hard edges are curved and fit comfortably in the hand. Each finer grit brings out more contrast in the handle which is then finally finished with the correct medium to bring out the handles beauty and protect it for a long life of use.