A sharp knife is a wonderful thing, it makes everything in prepping, cooking, and presenting easier. Although a sharp knife can be dangerous, "sharp knives, bloody cuts" there are some basic principals that will keep your fingers safe and speed up the prep work.

Holding the knife

The overall best and easiest way to hold and operate a knife in most situations is the pinch grip where the thumb, and index are pinched on the steel of the blade and the palm of the hand rests on the heel on the handle. The opposite hand should be held in what is called a claw grip with the face of the knife sliding up and down on the knuckles of the claw grip hand, while ensuring the thumb and other fingers are well behind the knuckles. The knuckles act as a guide allow very precise and quick motion of the knife.

The Pinch Grip and Claw

The Pinch Grip and Claw

Bell Pepper prep

There are as many ways to slice and dice a pepper as there are to skin a cat. But here is one that we feel has the biggest return on investment. It is quick and simple with minimal clean up and waste.

Step 1: Top and Tail the pepper removing as little as possible.

Step 2: Put the pepper on end and chop into thirds or quarters avoiding the pepper seeds and membrane.

Step 3: From here the pepper can be placed skin side down (safer if you have a dull knife) or skin side up (a sharp knife will cut in no problem, but a dull knife can skate across the skin).

Step 4: The pepper can now be diced, sliced, julienne, brunoise or whatever else suites the application.

Onion Prep

Step 1: Top and Tail the onion (if you find the onion brings tears to your eyes leave the root on and only top the onion).

Step 2: Cut the onion in half and peel the outer layer.

Step 3: Make vertical slices from the top to almost the tail (if the root is still on do not slice through), these slices should be spaced as close as you want the finished dices to be.

Step 4: Make two horizontal slices parallel to the cutting board.

Step 5: Chop the onion up the root or all the way if it is already tailed.