Hello, my name is Brandon Hayter and I am the proprietor of BH Craft. I am many things in life but primarily I am a Mechanical Engineer with a eye for beauty and a taste for functionality. Throughout my schooling and while working as an Engineer I see alot of things being less than optimal and this is particularly true in the kitchen, so many knives out there fail at their one and only job, cutting. They smash tomatoes, bruise herbs, and hardly carve meat. So why are they say suboptimal? Because they are made for ease of manufacturing, dull and not well maintained. 

BH Craft is the answer to this hole, we want to bring affordable elegant functionality to everyone's life. Most people do not understand how to sharpen or care for knives, or why an end grain cutting board is worth so much money, or what a truly beautiful piece of kit can actually due. BH Craft is here to supply, inspire, and teach all whom are willing.