There is no greater feeling than a sharp knife effortlessly gliding through the food being prepared. When our knives ship out they are guaranteed to be razor sharp but over time with regular use the razor edge will begin to dull, and if the knife is abused this will happen much more quickly.

To keep a knife in its top working shape, regular honing or stropping will be helpful. Using a steel to realign the edge after each or every other use will maintain the sharpness for longer, after the knife begins to slow and not cut as well it is time to resharpen. It is much quicker to resharpen a knife on a regular basis than to let it become very dull and damaged.

Resharpen - Depending on how often the knife is used and what material it is cutting (herbs vs bone in meat) occasionally a resharpen is required. We recommend using a Japanese whetstone to reshape the cutting edge. A quick sharpen with a combination stone (1000/6000) and then a strop is more than adequate to get the edge back to razor sharpness quickly, if it is done every few months or as soon as the knife seems to start dulling. If the edge is damaged then a coarser 400 or 600 grit stone may be required to repair the edge and this will take many more passes on each side. More information will follow on sharpening.